An Earthly Offering

An Earthly Offering to Temper Sagittarian Fire

 offering-titleAccording to James Hillman, the experience of psychological inwardness and depth, is the Greek goddess Hestia’s domain.  I couldn’t be more in agreement with Hillman’s thesis. I have referenced this idea in greater detail in a prior Word Press blog.

At the present time, and throughout the next year, the Greek goddess Hestia will reside in the astrological sign of Virgo, where I think she will be most comfortable.  While there, she will coexist, alongside Jupiter, aka her Greek cousin Zeus, King of Mount Olympus. Hestia’s influence expects to play a large role during astrological Jupiter’s current, year long tenure there.

I have always felt mixed as to Virgo’s mysterious, astrological rulership.  In part it fits, that she is close to Ceres, asteroid goddess of the grain. Also in the running, is her closeness to the mercurial aspects of Hermes, guide of souls. All are certainly of fine minds, as is Hestia herself. Yet, more and more I find Hestia, Greek virgin goddess of the hearth, to be the one I see as intimately, soulfully connected to, and at home in, the astrological sign of Virgo.

Now that Hestia’s cousin Zeus, a.k.a. the astrological Jupiter, king of the Greek pantheon, has taken up residence alongside Hestia in the sign of Virgo, both will coexist within, that deep, deep inner, spiritual domain, where, as I recall, Hestia, once made a lifelong promise to Zeus, to tend what I imagine has been and continues to be one helluva fire!

For sure the language of Greek mythology fused with astrological symbolism, can be a bit confusing when mixed together. Just take my word for it, that as one becomes more familiar with each, their pairing up and overlap will be automatic and make sense.

For now, just hang on to this–Earthy Virgo and fiery Sag share spiritual leanings that have different manifestations. They are kin, cousins I believe, kissin’, not likely. Jupiter’s dance card is overflowing with other options. As for Hestia, well to be honest, word has it that she’s still, shall we say pure?  With Jupiter’s transit now in Virgo, our task will be to somehow find that place within Virgo’s, Hestian, earthy, fiery, domain of endless depth, that can couple up harmoniously– and perhaps even magically–with cousin, Zeus. Together they can go about the business of tempering the Jovian fire that often leads to endless flights of fancy, and that on occasion, provides fuel for mania. We’re talking refinement here. That said, there is no more exciting sign, in my view, than Sagittarius, well at least initially! No one has ever been able to fly me to the moon better than Frank Sinatra, a well-loved sag! The astrological element of fire can be and is very exciting. However, astrological Jupiter now in Virgo, is up for some refinement. And heck, what’s a little refinement between cousins?

So what can happen, when the element of fire pairs up with the element of earth? Despite what at first may seem like an incongruous pairing, something within me is oddly enough, incredibly drawn and turned on by the pairing of these two deities, Hestia and Zeus, aka astrological Virgo and Sag!  Somehow, despite their naturally, divergent, astropsychological perspectives, personalities and style of meeting human needs, they are currently and for one year’s time, in this thing together. Might they be just what the other needs to compliment, those places within each, where there is either too much conversational over-extension, and/or, too much emotional conservation, carefulness, delicacy?

Could Jupiter’s current visitation in Virgo, temper the Hestian tendency toward timidity, shyness, and the need to overly plan in the interests of safety? Hestia’s pure, virginal domain just might cool the heels of mania and grandiosity often characteristic of those grandiose, Jupiterian, puer flights into a world of endless ideas often unable to find and /or experience consummation!

Either way, for the entire next year, fiery Jupiter goes about the business of taking up residence within Hestia’s earthyAir B&B! Their co-existence during this transit does indeed promise an offering of significant proportions by the end of Jupiter’s tenure there!

In this regard, I have offered up my own sculpture entitled “Offering,” as both referee and mediator, to make sure things don’t get out of hand completely. This I hope will allow temperate Virgo to fan the boundless flame of Sagittarian ideas just enough to not only keep things interesting, but perhaps, just perhaps, to also lead us to another, newer way, in which we might urge that magically, fire-infused archer, to take on some of the more sustainable, perspectives, qualities, or form typical of a Hestian worldview.

 As Hestia and Zeus move in transit through astrological Virgo, I make this hopeful proposal: I would like to see Hestia’s offering as a call to Jupiter to forge an opening, a letting-go, a joining, a kind of wedding, whereby those deep, deep places of Hestian inwardness and reflection become exquisitely, intimately infused with a sense of optimistic, Jupiterian, belief that will ultimately be passed on to us as a global collective.

O.K!  I’ll say it honestly, more definitively, with what I hope is greater clarity: It is my offering (my Sagittarian-like, ultimate fantasy) that the unique blending of Virgo and Sag becomes the new, fertile ground (Virgo) out of which global healing (Sagittarius) may be born.

Have I over shot it? I certainly hope so!

What will your offering to both these mythic, astropsychological deities be?

Judith Harte


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