About Musings From Dreamland


Welcome to Musings From Dreamland!

Material for future blogs will likely emerge in the middle of the night after I’ve awakened and sensed a freedom free of censorship and inhibition. It is then, that, whether from a sleeping and/or waking dream, a fantasy, or imaginal dialogue, that images, fantasies, dreams, or thoughts reveal themselves and ask to be communicated.

Content will be varied, and drawn from areas of recurring interest that comprise intertwining themes within the comings and goings of my own and other’s lives. These may include material based upon and drawn from Jungian and/or Archetypal and Psychology, Archetypal Astrology, music and art.

Please leave comments and reactions if and when feeling so inclined.  Visit often! And do leave me your email if you wish to be on the mailing list.

Judith Harte, Ph.D., MFT

Psychotherapist/Archetypal Astrologer/Emerging Sculptress/Author

Please visit my website at: http://www.imagesofsoul.com


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